2020 Virtual Provincial Workshop

Virtual (zoom webinars and workshops)
7th December 2020

Days until the workshop begins

The 5th provincial workshop on Climate Adaptation Research for BC Agriculture is going virtual this year. Join us from December 7 – 9, 2020 for:

  • Applied research webinars for berry and vegetable producers covering pest management strategies, building soil health and innovative practices to adapt to and mitigate climate change
  • Keynote presentation by Dr. Hannah Burrack, North Carolina State University on Lessons from the Last 10 Years of Drosophila suzukii: Moving Forward with Management (supported by the H.R. MacCarthy Lecture in Pest Management) 
  • Interactive workshops to move collaborative strategies forward on cross-cutting issues from sharing pest data to strengthening BC agri-weather networks to bringing an indigenous worldview to agriculture research and applying new tools to improve agriculture land use decision making
  • Student research forum to hear from the future leaders in agriculture adaptation research and support networking for early career researchers

All sessions are virtual and registration is free.

This is the perfect chance to attend sessions from anywhere in the province (or country! or world!) and connect with the people working at the cross-section between agriculture and climate change.

Schedule at a glance below or view the full workshop program.

Special pre-workshop session

This webinar will introduce you to the results from a decade of consultation, collaboration and strategy development that has identified and prioritized the impact of climate change on B.C.'s major agriculture regions.

The BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative (CAI)'s Regional Adaptation Program (RAP) brings together producers, agricultural organizations and government staff and agencies to collaboratively identify priority climate impacts and strategies and to implement actions that support agricultural adaptation.

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Workshop Schedule

(All times are PST)

Monday, December 7 Schedule

9-10am          WEBINAR 

Innovation for adaptation in small berry production

  • Managing Extreme Heat with Reflective Tarps in the Blueberry Industry, Grant McMillan, Integrated Crop Management Services
  • Berry crop diversification as a method to side-step climate change impacts, Eric Gerbrandt, Sky Blue Horticulture Ltd.

11am-12pm          WEBINAR 

Resources for managing pest & disease in BC berries 

  • Developing integrated pest management field guides for small scale berry growers, Dru Yates & Marjolaine Dessureault, ES Cropconsult, Dru Yates, ES Cropconsult
  • Decision support tools for managing diseases of berry crops, Rishi Burlakoti, AAFC Agassiz

1-2:30pm         KEYNOTE 

Lessons from the last 10 years of Drosophila suzukii: Moving forward with management

Supported by the H.R. MacCarthy Lecture in Pest Management and presented with the UBC Centre for Sustainable Food Systems and the BC Food Web

3:30 -4:30pm            PANEL 

Research-based strategies for spotted-wing Drosophila management in berry crops 

  • Current and future tools to manage Drosophila suzukii, Vaughn Walton, Oregon State University
  • The unanticipated establishment of two exotic natural enemies of spotted wing Drosophila in British Columbia, Paul Abram and Chandra Moffat, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Trialling mass trapping as a tool for spotted wing drosophila management in blueberries, Jen McFarlane, ES Cropconsult
  • Moderator: Carolyn Teasdale, BC Ministry of Agriculture 

Tuesday, December 8 Schedule

9-10am          WEBINAR 

A regional approach to soil & nutrient management for climate adaptation: Fraser Valley case studies

  • Tracking carbon across the agricultural landscape of the lower Fraser Valley, Sean Smukler, University of British Columbia
  • Peri-urban regions and their nutrient sink dilemma; Lower Fraser Valley case study, Shabtai Bittman, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada and David Poon, BC Ministry of Agriculture

11am-12pm          WEBINAR 

Innovation in vegetable soil management practices to adapt to a changing climate

  • Diversifying vegetable production, Renee Prasad, University of the Fraser Valley
  • Integrating hogs in a cover-vegetable rotation for healthy soils, Leah Sandler, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Effects of overwinter plastic tarping on soil moisture, available nutrients, and crop yield on organic vegetable farms in B.C., Raelani Kesler, University of British Columbia

1-2:30pm         WORKSHOP 

Collaboration and data sharing to improve pest research 

  • Accessing BC weather data for pest research, Faron Anslow, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
  • Dataverse and LiteFarm: Data sharing tools for B.C. farmers and researchers, Hannah Wittman, University of British Columbia
  • Break out discussions: data standardization & quality, data privacy issues, accessing weather data for pest research
  • Facilitator: Samantha Charlton

3:30 -4:30pm            WEBINAR 

Resources for managing pests in vegetable crops

  • Managing the wireworm pest complex in Canada: New challenges, new opportunities, Wim Van Herk, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

  • Developing integrated pest management field guides for small scale vegetable growers, Dru Yates & Marjolaine Dessureault, ES Cropconsult

Wednesday, December 9 Schedule

9-10:30am          WORKSHOP

A roadmap for addressing BC’s agriculture weather data needs

  • Preliminary results from a provincial assessment of agriculture weather network needs and options, Andrew Nadler, Peak HydroMet Solutions
  • Moderator: Kirsten Hannam, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • Facilitator: Samantha Charlton

11:30am-1pm          WORKSHOP 

What an Indigenous worldview offers as we face the challenges of a changing climate

  • It’s Time for the Time of the Eagle in Agricultural Research: What an Indigenous worldview offers as we face the challenges of a changing climate, Jennifer Grenz, University of British Columbia
  • Guest panelists: Lorna Shuter, Lower Nicola Indian Band; Harold Aljam, Coldwater Indian Band; Erica Nitchie, BC Ministry of Agriculture, Mehdi Sharifi, AAFC
  • Facilitator: Samantha Charlton

1:30-2:30pm         FORUM

Student research roundtable

  • Flash round of student research presentations
  • Discussion: Strengthening the network of B.C.’s agriculture students across institutions

3:30 -5pm            WORKSHOP 

Participatory tools for adaptive planning

    • Community engagement in agricultural land use decision-making?, John Janmaat, UBCO
    • Exploring the potential of visualization tools for food systems and agricultural land use planning, Robert Newell, UFV/RR
    • Facilitator: Samantha Charlton

The student research forum is an opportunity for students and early career researchers to give a 3-5 minutes presentation on their work.

If that describes you, please join this session by filling out a short form (link below). We want to hear from you!

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Thank you to our workshop funders

Funding for this workshop has been provided in part by the governments of Canada and British Columbia under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial initiative.