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BC Agriculture and Climate Change Education Series

The BC Agriculture and Climate Change Education Series was a four-part event, delivered across 8 educational institutions in early spring 2019. The series covers key climate change issues in the British Columbia agricultural sector and highlights current initiatives that support producer adaptation.

Live and studio versions of the content are available.

Education series modules & videos

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External Resources

Climate & Agriculture Initiative - Farm Adaptation Innovator Program

The Farm Adaptation Innovator Program (FAIP) delivers funding for farm-level, applied research projects that help producers adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as hotter and drier summers and increasing and shifting pest populations.

Results and factsheets from completed projects and information on current projects are available on the CAI website.


Climate & Agriculture Initiative - Regional Program

Climate Action Initiative's Regional Adaptation Program (RAP) brings together producers, agricultural organizations and government staff and agencies to collaboratively identify priority climate impacts and strategies and to implement actions that support agricultural adaptation.

The program first develops an adaptation plan specific to the region and then implements projects to achieve priority strategies and actions identified within the plan. Resources and tools developed through the regional program are available on the Climate & Agriculture Initiative website by region.


IPCC - Climate Change and Land Report

The IPCC released a special report on climate change, desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security, and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems.

Released August, 2019, report materials include a summary for policymakers, factsheets, a presentation and the full report.

Download report materials

BC Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment

The Province has completed a Preliminary Strategic Climate Risk Assessment for B.C. This is the first phase of an initiative to better understand climate-related risks in B.C. and help government develop appropriate measures to address those risks.

The climate risk assessment evaluates the likelihood of 15 climate risk events that could occur in B.C. along with their health, social, economic and environmental consequences. It is the first report of its kind in Canada to examine provincial-scale climate risks.

Assessment framework and results