Module 2: Adaptation Concepts and Initiatives

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Module 2: Adaptation Concepts and Initiatives

Emily MacNair, BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative

In this module, viewers will extend their knowledge of the impacts of climate change on the BC agriculture sector, and explore considerations surrounding both regional and farm scale adaptation. MacNair will also outline the importance of collaboration in identifying and implementing adaptation strategies and will use case study examples to highlight current work being done in the province to support adaptation in the BC agriculture sector.


Live recording of Module 2 webcast (1 hr, 16 mins) 


Studio recordings 

Module 2, Part 1 – Climate Action Initiative and Agricultural Adaptation


Module 2, Part 2 – Adaptation Programming and Planning


Module 2, Part 3 – Regional Adaptation Planning


Presenter bio

Emily MacNair
 is the Director of the BC Agriculture & Food Climate Action Initiative (CAI), and has managed CAI’s activities and programs since its inception in 2008. Emily led the development of the BC Agriculture & Climate Change Action Plan and an assessment of the agriculture sector’s risks and opportunities in relation to climate change. Since 2013, Emily has managed the delivery of adaptation-focused programs for the sector in B.C. From 2004 to 2008, Emily was a Program Manager with the Investment Agriculture Foundation and prior to that delivered projects for various non-government organizations.